Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

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Getting a home loan in India is not easy, there are many criteria, we must meet in order to obtain a mortgage. So we've attacked several factors to qualify for a loan fixed address. Here:

The financial profile of the candidates - what determines the loan limit for the candidate and co-applicant. Financial assets include details of other profiles, history records that the potential recovery of mortgage and investment gives details that you have created.

Monthly income seekers - Monthly income plays an important role in obtaining a home loan, because it determines your ability to pay in installments. Usually limit slice is calculated as 30-40% of monthly income. This percentage may even reduce, if you have any other loans or installment payments as the total capacity is developed to 40% for banks, so if you really like the car loan payments or TV, your home to pay the loan eligibility.

Occupation of the candidates - the details of the Applicant and co-applicant will be considered. The bank will take into account the profession of candidates it determines the applicable payment period. They prefer people who work in an organization on the business.
Age of candidates - Age of the applicant is also taken into account to obtain a mortgage. The applicant must not be very young or very old, either the applicant or co-applicant may be a minor if he or she should not be on their retirement.

Total Property Value - The value of the property is the most influential factor in obtaining a mortgage. It determines the maximum loan amount that the property can be independent of the loan limit to qualify for the person. It is usually developed between 70-90% of the value of the property.

As you have experienced this article for a home loan to get ready with your investment records, payslips and other things we mentioned above, and then find a bank with the rate lower interest and loan that suits you. Soon I will write more about interest rates and lending criteria of the Bank in providing home loans and real estate as soon as I finished my research. I hope you get the home loan that fits your dream home.

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